Life Group Leaders:

Danny and Sheila Hernandez

About Life Groups:

Life Groups are a way to break bread with fellow believers in the comfort of your home.
What takes place? A small bible study and discussion. During this time you will get to know your fellow brothers and sisters. It will be a place to encourage and uplift one another while growing in the Lord. It is a place to connect and know that you are not alone.  We are a body, and in order for the body to get stronger, we must connect; that starts by getting to know one another. Let's stop being strangers and start being family.
To schedule, please contact Danny or Sheila Hernandez.

Age Group: None, all ages are welcome for life groups!

Meeting Time: For more information about the next Life Group meeting, contact Danny and Sheila Hernandez.

Their Mission: To connect with each other outside the church building through small, in-home Bible studies and fellowship.

Fill out a connect card if you would like someone to contact you about this ministry.